Oak Ridges Moraine

Dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of the Moraine as a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.
Dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of the Moraine as a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.

One of the ORMF’s Charter mandates is to help raise public awareness levels about the environmental importance of the Moraine. In preparing for the 2015 ORMCP review, the ORMF undertook a comprehensive consultation to provide a detailed analysis of the effectiveness of the ORMCP in protecting the Moraine. Out of this consultation, the Foundation produced a report which presents a set of key recommendations and critical strategic messages. The goal of the Foundation is to present the province and other key audiences a broad collective view on how the ORMCP needs to be enhanced to protect the integrity of the Oak Ridges Moraine. Through strategic communication, the ORMF is seeking engagement with moraine stakeholders, including moraine landowners and residents, municipalities, MPPs, conservation authorities and ENGOs, to advance the recommendations.


Request for Proposal:

The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to solicit a strategic communications expert to develop and help implement a comprehensive strategic communications plan focused on advancing the ORMF’s key recommendations and messaging prior to and during the 2015 ORMCP review. 


The strategic communications expert will be instrumental in assisting the ORMF to develop a strategy to rally support for strengthening the ORMCP and communicating this support to key decision makers. The strategy will position the Moraine as a vital, unique and fascinating asset essential to the well-being of a vast population in southern Ontario’s most developed landscape. It will provide the ORMF with the enhanced visibility, positive media coverage, and increased awareness that will leverage support for improvements to the ORMCP from its stakeholders, government decision makers and citizens on and off the Moraine.


The consultant will identify an overall strategy, tactics, avenues of dissemination, and success metrics. The strategy should be guided by the ORMF’s mission to

"Champion the Oak Ridges Moraine. Empower Communities.”    

For further information and to view RFP: Request for Proposal



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