Oak Ridges Trail System

One of the ORM's greatest assets is a publicly accessible trail system that traverses its entire length. The trail makes the unique features and beauty of the Moraine accessible to anyone who wishes to experience it first hand.

The Oak Ridges Trail Association (ORTA) has been in place for ten years as a volunteer organization dedicated to securing a trail from west to east across the Moraine. The Foundation, has supported the work of the ORTA and has developed an Oak Ridges Moraine Trail Strategy in order to direct and coordinate the efforts of the various stakeholders and funding partners in constructing the trail.

The ORMF supported ORTA's work by entering into cost-sharing partnerships to help secure and maintain key sections of trails on the Oak Ridges Moraine, including:

  • securing land for the optimum route of the trail;
  • securing associated points of access;
  • securing and developing trail sections and loops that are accessible to people with disabilities;
  • developing and maintaining the trail corridors, access points, signage and interpretive displays.

Further reading: The Oak Ridges Moraine Trail Strategy (PDF; 9.7 Mb).

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