Ginn - trail

A trail in King township was preserved, making a beautiful landscape accessible to hikers, thanks to the generosity of the Ginn family. "Now I can't imagine being without the trail", says Katy Ginn who also enjoys sharing it with family and friends. The Ginn property is located in King Township. The property has a woodlot and was adjacent to a side trail that was about to close.

The project involved re-routing the Pine Farms Side Trail. The new trail has been in place about 5 years, and Katy Ginn could not be more pleased to have the trail on her property! Not only do the hikers seem to enjoy and respect the land, she enjoys them being there. She has never found anything left behind but footprints, and the only things taken have been the occasional photograph. The trails have also given her friends a place for a little outing when they visit!

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