Harrell - tree planting, forest management plan, wildflower meadow

The Harrell's property, at the headwaters of Soper Creek, increases in value as well as beauty, thanks to numerous enhancements, including native tree plantings, bird houses, a butterfly meadow, and a managed forest plan. Mr. Harrell's property is located on the south edge of the Oak Ridges Moraine. The 27 hectare farm is a headwater area of the Soper Creek and is bisected by a cold water trout stream. The Harrells acquired the property in 2000. The Harrell's stewardship projects have included:
  • Retiring crop land;
  • Planting a combination of native mixed hardwoods and conifer seedlings and shrubs;
  • Erecting numerous kestrel and blue bird houses; and
  • Planting a wildflower/butterfly meadow.

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