If you live on the Moraine, its health is in your hands.

The Moraine is more than 90 percent privately owned, and not only supports a fast-growing population of more than 100,000 but also supplies fresh water to over 250,000 people.

With such diverse demands placed upon it, not to mention our reliance on it as a source of fresh water, the health of the moraine is directly linked to the human and ecological health of Southern Ontario.

Use this section to see the land-use designations on the Oak Ridges Moraine, to learn about how they work and to find out how we can support you to "Care for your Moraine".

As part of the Caring for the Moraine project and other work happening on the Moraine, increasing numbers of landowners are investing in the moraine's future. Meet landowners caring for the Moraine and find out what was involved in their stewardship project.

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