Caring for the Moraine

The Caring for the Moraine has delivered the support of 30 conservation and environmental organizations to more than 80,000 landowners, in a monumental collaboration that aims to conserve the important and sensitive environmental features of the moraine.


You too can participate in the Caring project by:

  • You can schedule a property visit, free of charge, with local conservation experts;
  • You can obtain landowner resources about stewardship and the Oak Ridges Moraine;
  • You can attend landowner workshops on topics relevant to rural landowners that are happening in your area
  • You can request a presentation about the Moraine and the project to your local group;
  • You can help increase the Moraine's natural cover by participating in tree plantings and prairie restoration projects on your property;and
  • You can help protect the Moraine's water systems by participating in riparian plantings and wetland enhancements projects on your property.


The first step to getting involved is checking out the project area maps to see what project area on the Moraine your property is in. Then if you are interested in participating in the Caring project or would like some more information about the Caring Project, the Oak Ridges Moraine and/or stewardship in general, please contact Lisa Turnbull at 905-833-5733.


To date, in partnership with Moraine landowners and the partner organizations involved in the Caring project, the project over four years has accomplished:

  • 11,114 landowner letters mailed resulting in 627 Moraine properties visited;
  • 2,354 landowners participating in 65 workshops;
  • Over 430,000 trees planted over an area of 289 hectares;
  • 310 hectares of prairie restoration;
  • Almost 17,890 meters of streams restored; and
  • 22.15 hectares of wetland created with an additional 2 hectares of wetland enhanced.

Since the Moraine is 90% privately owned, we could not have done it without the help from Moraine landowners.

See and read about examples of stewardship projects happening on the Moraine by selecting one of the projects in the left hand menu!

To read the full accomplishments by the project, please read the summary report (report coming soon)

The Caring for the Moraine project has certainly made significant headway in working towards the Moraine's Stewardship Strategy objectives of:

  1. increasing the Moraine's natural cover;
  2. protecting the Moraine's water resources; and
  3. raising landowner awareness about the moraine.


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