If you are a Moraine landowner and/or visit the Moraine, there are a number of ways in which the ORM partners can help and support you.

Project: Who Is Eligible? How Can I benefit? How Can I get involved?
Caring for the Moraine Project:

The Caring for the Moraine Project (CMP) is a partnership of 30 organizations, which offer conservation and stewardship services to private landowners. They are working together to provide Oak Ridges Moraine landowners with free property visits, technical advice, workshops, resource material and financial assistance with the goal of enhancing the ecological health of the moraine.
Any Moraine rural landowners (generally 2 acre properties or bigger) in any of the 5 project areas across the Moraine Schedule a free property visit by conservation experts to discuss your goals for the property, answer questions and identify potential conservation projects.

Get Financial support through the partner organizations for stewardship projects like tree planting, stream rehabilitation, wetlands enhancements, prairie restorations, and many more. There may also be additional money for those projects for Moraine property owners.
link to ORM Stewardship Contact
Caring for the Moraine Project, cont'd Anyone Attend Free information nights on a wide range of topics including everything from forest and wetland management to invasive species to how to care for your well and septic system.

Get resource material on the Oak Ridges Moraine, stewardship and resource management.
link to ORM Stewardship Contact or link to the events page
Monitoring the Moraine:

Monitoring the Moraine (MTM) is a collaborative project between Citizens' Environment Watch (CEW), STORM Coalition (Save the Oak Ridges Moraine), and Centre for Community Mapping (COMAP). It is designed to engage and sustain community volunteers in science, stewardship, monitoring and decision-making on the Oak Ridges Moraine.
Any Moraine resident Volunteer in ecological and policy monitoring with the goal of determining the effectiveness of the ORMCP and measuring changes to the moraine landscape as a result link to Citizens Environment Watch, Save the Oak Ridges Moraine Coalition and CoMap contact information
Caring for the Moraine and Monitoring The Moraine Projects Anyone taking photographs on the Moraine By entering into the Moraine in Focus Photo Contest, you are eligible for the two top prizes of $1000 and $500 for winning moraine imagery. link to ORM NGOs
Rice Lake Plains Initiative

The Rice Lake Plains Joint Initiative has a vision of healthy prairie and savanna habitats amid a vibrant rural landscape. This vision is possible thanks to ongoing habitat stewardship by private landowners and to inspirational efforts at sites such as the Alderville First Nation's Black Oak Savanna and the Red Cloud Cemetery Prairie. All are dedicated to being good neighbours in the community and to investing in long-term stewardship of the Rice Lake Plains.
Anyone in the Rice Lake Plains Area A free visit to properties with tallgrass prairie habitats by conservation experts to discuss your goals for the property, answer questions and identify potential conservation projects.

Get resource material on the tall grass prairie habitat.
link to the Nature Conservancy of Canada contact information
Oak Ridges Trail
At present about 250 km of trail, including side trails, have been completed. The trail starts with a link to the Bruce Trail near Palgrave in the west to the town of Gores Landing on Rice Lake in the east. Efforts are underway to extend the trail further to the east.
Anyone Hike the trail either alone or with the weekly guided hikes to explore and enjoy the beauty of the Moraine. Guidebooks are available through the Oak Ridges Trail Association.

Become a trail chapter captain that leads guided hikes for other Moraine and hiker enthusiasts.

Maintain a section of trail on your property either on your own or by teaming up with an ORTA trail captain.
link to the Oak Ridges Trail Association contact information
Community Stream Steward Program on the Moraine
The Community Stream Steward Program (CSSP) is a multi-partner initiative that is focused on creating a sense of community and individual awareness in restoring and preserving such an integral part of our natural heritage - the coldwater stream.
Moraine residents living in Durham Region, the City of Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough or Northumberland Counties A free visit to a property with coldwater stream interests by conservation experts to discuss your goals for the property, answer questions and identify potential conservation projects.

Financial support for projects like bank stabilization, livestock alternative watering and restriction fencing, on-line pond decommissioning and habitat enhancements.

Get resource material on the coldwater streams.

Monitoring the health of your stream by yourself, volunteers or by staff helps to determine the health, form and function of your coldwater stream.

We are continuously building our network of interested and dedicated volunteers. Whether you are new to the world of volunteering or are a seasoned veteran in volunteerism, the Community Stream Steward Program can use your help! Please contact us on the wide variety of volunteering opportunities.
link to the Community Stream Steward Program contact information
Oak Ridges Moraine Environmental Enhancement Program (ORMEEP)
The ORMEEP is delivered by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA), in partnership with Conservation Ontario.
You can participate if:you rent, own, lease or manage agricultural land on the ORM; you have a Farm Business Registration Number; you have a 3rd edition EFP deemed appropriate; and you have a BMP from the ORM eligibility list. You can get up to 90% combined cost share on the following best management practises (BMPs):Riparian Area Management; Erosion Control (Riparian and Non-Riparian); Land Management for Soils at Risk; Shelterbelt Establishment; Enhancing Wildlife Habitat and Biodiversity; Species at Risk; Preventing Wildlife Damage; Ponds for Storing Water for Agricultural Purposes. link to the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association contact information
Well Aware
The Well Aware program on the Moraine encourages well owners to begin by looking closely at their own wells and their own activities that may influence well water quality.
Moraine well owners. Attend a Community Forum where well owners will have the opportunity to ask questions of and listen to presentations from local experts.

Participate in a free Guided Self Assessment , home visits conducted by trained water guides to help rural landowners identify priorities for action to protect their drinking water sources.

Get resource materials on wells.
link to the Well Aware contact information

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